Enter the age of
Industrial Process Mining

Our Industrial Process Mining Platform IQ/A introduces
a new level of production process excellence.

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Process excellence needs
more than just KPIs

Your production processes are the heart of your enterprise. Rely on specialized technology and state-of-the-art methods for analysis and optimization of those processes. Our process mining platform IQ/A brings your production process excellence to the next level by leveraging process mining and artificial intelligence methods. IQ/A integrates seamlessly into your IT infrastructure and incorporates existing data pools as well as your experts’ domain knowledge.

Process Mining

Understand and monitor your processes and identify deviations, inefficiencies and planning errors.

Industrial AI

Identify root causes of irregularities and predict their impact on downstream processes and KPIs.

CO2 Transparency

Analyze, monitor and plan energy consumption and carbon footprint for each product and process.

Industrial Process Mining Plattform IQ/A Screenshot

Process Mining and AI for the shop floor 

Get to the bottom of your production processes

No matter what you produce, the complexity of your production processes is enormous – and so is the array of automation technology, monitoring, planning and scheduling software you already use. But can you ensure that your process flows are truly optimal?

IQ/A uses process mining methods to automatically create a digital twin of your production processes based on real event data. In combination with artificial intelligence methods, especially machine learning, even large amounts of data are analyzed, process inefficiencies can be identified and effects on the overall process can be predicted. 

IQ/A enables both retrospective analyses based on historical data and continuous operational support of your live production systems. To achieve this, IQ/A can be seamlessly connected to a wide variety of IT systems such as Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), ERP or SCADA to enable comprehensive optimization across all automation levels and also include adjacent value-added areas.

Your benefits from IQ/A

Get the most out of your business

With IQ/A, we have developed a platform that seamlessly integrates into your existing processes and IT landscape and provides live support for your production management. What you gain:


understand your production processes down to the automation level and identify inefficiencies, anomalies and planning errors


through continuous detection and fixing of deviations, inefficiencies, bottlenecks and planning errors

Process improvement

through identification of root causes, forecasts and actionable decision support

Resource efficiency

through transparency on carbon footprint and energy demand per product as well as rapid identification of quality defects


by creating transparent, flexible and efficient processes in order to be able to react quickly to changing requirements and circumstances