Leverage Process Mining and Industrial AI to obtain
full transparency of your production processes.

Our Industrial Process Mining Platform IQ/A

Get the most out of your
production processes

With IQ/A we support customers in continuously analyzing and optimizing production processes and adjacent value-added areas. Based on process mining, IQ/A creates transparency around the real production process and identifies hidden process inefficiencies. In combination with Artificial Intelligence, especially Machine Learning, IQ/A gets to the bottom of your production processes by detecting root causes.

Digital Twin

In your production line, a multitude of event data document the course of the production processes. IQ/A uses this source data to create a digital twin of your production process. Production planning systems such as ERP, MES and APS generate and record this event data automatically in data logs. IQ/A combines this log data together with event data from machine and equipment control to create a comprehensive digital image of the real production process.

Production Process Mining

Process mining creates complete transparency around the process and hidden process inefficiencies. As a result, deviations from the target process, bottlenecks and inefficiencies can be detected automatically. Enriched with further information, e.g. energy consumption or quality data, you gain a holistic picture of each individual process and products efficiency.

Industrial AI

IQ/A relies on Artificial Intelligence to analyze the identified irregularities and inefficiencies, draw actionable conclusions and make predictions. This way, management of your production processes is continuously supported and improved.

Produktion Process Mining Plattform IQ/A Screenshot

The next level of Smart Manufacturing

Real-time transparency of production processes

IQ/A supports critical decisions in real-time by identifying bottlenecks and problems in the production processes without delay. Based on live data the digital model of the running production process is continuously updated in order to detect process deviations as they arise and to be able to take countermeasures.

By integrating interfaces to other IT systems such as order management, maintenance management, inventory management or logistics, the effects of events in production on adjacent processes – and vice versa – can be identified and managed immediately.

To accomplish these tasks with high performance, IQ/A is based on a powerful and scalable cloud infrastructure that can handle large amounts of data and is able to work seamlessly with your existing IT landscape or other external systems and clouds.

Without digitization, the challenges of Smart Manufacturing / Industry 4.0 cannot be mastered. But: we do not believe that software and AI alone can solve all problems. People – with their experience and process knowledge – make the crucial difference.

Only the interaction between human expertise and intelligent algorithms can put analyses into the right context and leads to sustainable improvements. IQ/A makes this interaction fast and efficient by offering you easy ways to integrate your individual process and domain knowledge. This is done via an intuitive user interface – so you don’t have to be an IT expert to exploit the possibilities of Industry 4.0.

Data availability

Your data is better than you think

Without sound data, no added value can be generated from analytics, AI or IT-based optimization. When it comes to consolidating and harnessing relevant process data, many companies are still at the very beginning. So, is it worth starting with even more advanced topics?

Yes, it is! Even distributed and erroneous data can be used to identify problems and inefficiencies and to optimize planning. Investments in additional IIoT infrastructure might not even be necessary.

Contact us and we will explain how you can leverage IQ/A for your company without investing into a large-scale infrastructure project.

Data security

Uncompromising security


When it comes to IT security, we do not make compromises.
We would be happy to explain to you

  • why cloud-based infrastructure is not a risk to your processes – on the contrary
  • that you retain your data sovereignty at all times and decide for yourself where your data is stored
  • how we implement the highest standards of IT security and data protection
  • what risks you have in general when you extensively digitize processes and how you address them.

How does IQ/A change your enterprise?